Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Cease and Desist Sean Boushie "Joe Schmoe" Sent to Me in January of 2010.

Sean Continues to Attack me, and Uses no Attorney to Issue these Constant Cease and Desists. 

This one is interesting because Sean Boushie sent me a Death Threat on August 6th 2008 it was send to Crystal Cox from Crystal Cox...

From:  "Crystal Cox"   so Judge Robin Clute said well it looks like you sent it to yourself, she said it says it is from Crystal Cox... I explained how you can Set up any Alias name you want and SHE shut me DOWN... everyone knows you can sign up a Yahoo or other Email accounts and use whatever name you want.. and this Cease and Desist from Jan. of 2010 from "Joe Schmoe" to  proves that Mr. Sean Boushie surely knows how to do this... here is that Cease and Desist...

""[ No Subject ]

Tue, January 19, 2010 11:00:17 PM
From: Joe Schmoe


Sean M Boushie
570 Grandview Drive
Stevensville, MT 59870

To: Crystal L Cox
Leslie Turner
PO Box 1610
Eureka, Montana 59917

Crystal Cox and Leslie Turner,

I hereby demand that within thirty days of the receipt of this notice
you remove and delete all current and previously made postings,
comments, and statements which you have made of or about myself or any
member of my family on all of your internet websites; blogs; news
sites; ect.

This order will include that you remove from the internet any reference to:

• Sean Boushie

• Sean M Boushie

• Wynette Boushie

• Wynette L Boushie

• Gerald Boushie

• Gerald J Boushie

• University of Montana

• University of Montana Stalker

• University of Montana “stats”

• Stalker

• Death threat

• Sandptcpl

• “swinger sites”

• “hook up sites”

Sean M Boushie       ""

On whose Authority Does Sean Boushie Ragefully DEMAND that I am not allowed to post on the Internet the Above words.  He Say "This order will include that you remove from the internet any reference to:" then lists words and Phrases the he DEMANDS I not post on the Internet, Most NOTHING to do with him unless he actually is guilty of those things.  Other wise Why in the World Would Sean Boushie Demand that I remove from the Internet any reference to:
• University of Montana

• University of Montana Stalker

• University of Montana “stats”

• Stalker

• Death threat

• Sandptcpl
• “swinger sites”

• “hook up sites”

What Does the Above Words have to do with Sean Boushie or his Family?  And how come he can email these Demand and threats yet I cannot respond or it violates my restraning order that Judge Robin Clute gave Sean Boushie against me with NO PROVEN Facts What So EVER...

Also why do the Courts Let Sean Boushie Attack Leslie Turner, why does he name her and attack her, defame her and Threaten her - She has NOTHING to do with what I post or control me in any way.  Yes she is My girlfriend, and Yes I am a Lesbian, Still he has NO right what so ever to send her a Cease and Desist for something she did not post, I post Proudly in my Name.  Also Sean threatens Leslie Turner and Defames her online Constantly and says all kinds of nasty lies and threat about her and NO ONE IS LISTENING to this Hate Crime, this Violation of Montana Law... no one Can Hear US...

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