Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In Montana the Culture of Rape protected by Cops and seemingly condoned by the University of Montana, is rampant. Rape, Stalking, Harassment is NOT taken serious in the State of Montana. STAND Up Against MONTANA Cops and University of Montana Official that Support and CONDONE Stalking and RAPE.

"University of Virginia pledges zero-tolerance policy in rape cases"

If only the University of Montana did the SAME

"(CNN) -- The University of Virginia has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for handling rape and sexual assault cases.
UVA's governing board held an emergency meeting Tuesday as the university scrambled to handle the aftermath of a Rolling Stone article that detailed a horrific gang rape of a student at a fraternity two years ago and that highlighted a trend of indifference toward victims.
Flawed policies were at the heart of the discussion at the special board meeting. However, the specifics of the new zero-tolerance policy will be worked out at a later meeting, university officials said.
A few weeks before the November 19 article hit the newsstands, the student-run WUVA interviewed the associate dean of students, Nicole Eramo, who guides women through their options when they report they've been assaulted.
In the interview, Eramo admitted that no student had been expelled for committing sexual assault, even when there was an admission, and even though offenses such as cheating regularly lead to expulsion.

UVA suspends Greek life after rape scandal

UVA suspends frats amid rape allegations

Victims say UVA covering up rape claims
"I feel if a person is willing to come forward in that setting and admit they violated the policy when there is absolutely no advantage to do so, then I feel that deserves some consideration, that they are willing to say I have done something wrong and I am willing to take my licks and deal with it," Eramo told reporter Catherine Valentine, explaining why no one had been expelled.
Eramo said there had been 38 reports of sexual assault last year.
"I do feel like that person admitting in that context it shows a recognition of what they have done is wrong, and a willingness to improve," Eramo said, when pressed on the subject, adding that a two-year suspension is still "quite a stiff penalty."
A two-year suspension, Eramo admitted, many times means that the victim and the accused remain on campus together.
"I think we are trying to balance the rights of the individual who is being accused as well as the rights of the complainant and sometimes that is very difficult," she said. "I think you would be surprised to see the number of survivors who I've worked with who don't even want to file a complaint, because they don't want to get the accused person in trouble."
Jackie, the woman central to the Rolling Stone article, released anopen letter in support of Eramo to the student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily. Jackie and many other victims of assault at the school in Charlottesville said Eramo helped them tremendously as they dealt with what happened to them.
"How can we not do the same for her in her darkest moment?" asked the letter from her supporters.
"Dean Eramo has truly saved my life. If it were not for her, I do not know if I could be alive today," Jackie wrote.
Another victim who spoke to CNN, Lyra Bartell, said that Eramo has "the hardest job at UVA" and said the problems highlighted by Rolling Stone are more about the policy than about a person.
Bartell, who graduated in May, came back to the university after reading the Rolling Stone article. She has collected more than 200 photographs of people writing messages of support to victims of sexual assault at UVA.
In the meantime, the University of Virginia has suspended all fraternities until after the winter break, and President Teresa Sullivan has called on the Charlottesville Police Department to investigate Jackie's allegations and has pleaded for witnesses to come forward with information.
The university also announced Tuesday that the state attorney general has asked the law firm O'Melveny & Myers to do an investigation of how the school responds to reports of sexual violence, especially in cases where alleged victims choose not to go to the police.
It's been a rough year for the prestigious university.
Students who talked to CNN said there was already a lot of sadness following the killing of first-year student Hannah Graham.
The Rolling Stone article gave them even more to reflect on. Many students said sexual assault is a problem colleges across the country are dealing with, not just the University of Virginia.
They said that once the initial shock of the piece dissolved, conversations between friends shifted from sadness to a feeling that Greek life and campus culture at the school were unfairly singled out."

Source and To Watch Video and Read Full Article

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Judge John Larson Aiding and Abetting Decades of Corruption in Montana as he PROTECTS the University of Montana and Sean Boushie in Order to Cover Up Corruption in Montana which Goes back over 30 years.

Judge John Larson among all those protecting Sean Boushie over years are allowing this man to ruin lives, threaten to kill people, commit fraud on the court, commit perjury, harass and threaten the disabled, and flat out lie in legal documents year after year. 

Bill Windsor is one of many of Sean Boushie's Victims, and Montana Corruption ... well, Let's just say Montana is the NUMBER ONE Judicial HELL HOLE in America says Blogger Crystal L. Cox, a 4th Generation Montanan. 

Sean Boushie has committed Hate Crimes for YEARS. Corrupt Judges in Montana continue to Protect Sean Boushie and thereby Protect CORRUPTION in the State of MONTANA. 

Bill Windsor of Lawless America is an Anti-Corruption HERO. Sean Boushie and ALL of the Montana Law Enforcement and Judges that protect him are "Lawless", Evil, Unconstitutional and protecting decades of Evil and Corruption in the State of Montana. 

Montana is CORRUPT, the RULING Below is Full of LIES, and Protects Sean Boushie to Create Further Victims, meanwhile Montana Courts allow Sean Boushie to continue to violate the rights of others and refuses to Give Sean Boushies Victims Protective Orders, citing all manner of NONSENSE as reasons why, yet all Sean Boushie has to do is claim he is in FEAR. 

Here is the Latest in Corruption in MONTANA and the Use of Protective Orders in Montana (Not Mutual) to violate the rights of those Exposing CORRUPTION in the State of MONTANA.

Sean Boushie has emailed, taunted and harassed Bill Windsor for Years and In FACT contacted Bill Windsor first, in order to find out where Crystal Cox was filming so that he could HARM Me.

STOP Corruption. Stand on the Right Side of the Moral Compass. DO the Right Thing. Tell the TRUTH.

Bill Windsor is an Anti-Corruption HERO.

The LIE will NOT Stand as the Truth on my WATCH.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The State of Montana, Hamilton's NIH, Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy, Kalispell Regional Hospital, Prompt Care Eureka, and More in MT are involved in Lyme Disease Cover Up. Check out the Mary Deenen / Randy Wilson Case.

Today's News Regarding Lyme Disease and Corruptiong

"Lyme Disease Community Blows the Whistle on Corruption Within the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that rather than 30,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year in the United States, there are likely 300,000. What the CDC failed to explain is why it's taken them so long to acknowledge that Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions.
The Lyme disease community has been battling for years to get the CDC to admit that Lyme disease is a mass public health crisis. Meanwhile, the CDC itself has been informally saying since 2004 that Lyme disease is probably 6 to 12 times more prevalent than the reported cases. Why then have they suddenly decided to formally acknowledge these higher rates?

On a recent "Your Own Health and Fitness" show about Lyme disease on KPFA radio in Berkeley, Calif., host Layna Berman observed that the announcement of increased rates coincides with a financial interest in releasing the new Baxter Lyme vaccine:

"With this announcement of the increased number of cases, we might imagine that an economic opportunity has presented itself.  . . .The treatment favored by doctors who treat chronic Lyme . . . is long courses of antibiotics . . . But these treatments aren't money makers. So what inspired the CDC after so many decades of ignoring and denying chronic Lyme to release these new statistics? The promise of a new vaccine."
A pre-marketing campaign for the vaccine is already apparent. The New York Times editorial board heavily promoted the Baxter vaccine in a recent editorial. The article referenced an Op-Ed by Dr. Stanley Plotkin, who was described as a "leading vaccine expert" and "professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania," in which Plotkin said that he had been trying to "persuade manufacturers to make a new vaccine to help prevent some of the 300,000 new infections each year." He urged patients and physicians to write to the CDC and remind them of the need for a new Lyme vaccine, which would likely be recommended for a large part of the population of the United States. The editorial board concluded by saying, "It’s time to start writing those letters."

What the editorial board neglected to mention is that Dr. Stanley Plotkin is actually an "emeritus professor" at the University of Pennsylvania. His primary position is working as an executive adviser at the pharmaceutical firm Sanofi Pasteur, which is the largest company in the world devoted entirely to human vaccines. In addition, he's a consultant to most of the major vaccine manufacturers.

While news outlets like the Times receive funding through advertising from Big Pharma, the CDC is ostensibly an independent government agency acting to protect the public. Why would they have a financial stake in the vaccine?

The New York Times best selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola says, "Conflicts of interest are rampant in the vaccination infrastructure. The same people who are regulating and promoting vaccines are also evaluating vaccine safety.

For example, Dr. Paul Offit sat on the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP), which helped create the market for the Merck RotaTeq rotavirus vaccine. He then went on to work for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where he earned at least $29 million as part of a $182 million sale by the hospital of its worldwide royalty interest in the RotaTeq vaccine.

In August 1999, the Committee on Government Reform investigated the federal vaccine policy. They found that many of those on two of the key advisory committees had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines. Despite these conflicts of interest, the government employees were granted waivers allowing them to participate in discussions about vaccine licensing for children, even though federal law requires that members of advisory committees reveal such ties and recuse themselves from any discussions and decisions."

Source and Full Article

Monday, November 11, 2013

In the State of Montana Protective Orders are NOT Mutual and are USED to PROTECT Corruption. The University of Montana, Missoula Police, Ravalli County Police, Lincoln County Law Enforcement CONTINUE to Protect Corruption RAMPANT in the State of MONTANA.

Montana Corruption, Montana Protective Orders

Montana Corruption is Decades Deep. The University of Montana and Montana Police as well as Judges who are TOLD what to do, all protect Sean Boushie and Protect Corruption in the State of Montana. This is seemingly connected to cover ups of Montana Corruption associated with 30 years of corruption, including the Montana Freeman Incident which involved Sean Boushie's father in law.

YOU cannot get a Protective Order against Sean Boushie, even if he threatens to kill you, harass you, stalks you, conspires with others for years, ruins you life and business and does the same to all connected to you. However, he can get a protective order easily and operates within LAWS that do not apply to other citizens.

The University of Montana, as well as the Missoula Police, Ravalli County and Lincoln County Law Enforcement, PROTECT stalkers, abusers, rapists, and even with a recent DOJ investigation, STILL the University of Montana DOES NOTHING. U of M President works for Homeland Security yet allows rampant rape, stalking, corruption, defamation, harassment and torment from one of his own employees for over 5 years now and still counting.

Also Check Out the Pattern and History (RICO) regarding the Protective Order Incident with Sean Boushies threaten to KILL Crystal Cox and Crystal Cox was DENIED a protective order

Beneath the Beauty Documentary, Crystal Cox Interview

Part One

Part Two

Lawless America Blog about Sean Boushie

Lee Enterprises / Missoulian Sites by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FBI Ignores Civil Rights in Montana as do all at as Stalker Threatens me Daily Paid by the University of Montana ..

Sean Boushie Continues to Threaten my Life and to Harass me and the University of Montana Pays him to do it with no end in site. Sean Boushie will Murder me.. I have called out for help for 2 years, Montana Law Enforcement at EVERY Level Ignores My Rights.

Here is Todays Harassing, Taunting, Threatening Web Stats...

University of Montana Stalker Still AT ME..

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
Search — crystal cox murdered
Host Name:umma231.dn70.umontana.eduBrowser:Firefox 2.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:WinXP
Location:Missoula, Montana, United StatesResolution:1024x768
Returning Visits:0Javascript:Enabled
Visit Length:2 mins 49 secsISP:University Of Montana

Navigation Path

DateTimeWebPage — crystal cox murdered
5 Jul07:50:49 — crystal cox sucide
5 Jul07:53:38

Saturday, June 25, 2011

State of Montana Continues to Aid and Abet Montana Corruption and Pay for It. There are no Victims Rights, Civil Rights or Constitutional Rights in Montana.

The State of Montana is well aware of me being in Danger and me being a Victim of Montana Corruption and a Conspiracy to Silence me, when all I was doing was posting stories on Montana Corruption. 2 years into my fight for protection and the State of Montana is still on my sites and KNOWS full well of the Danger I am in and DOES nothing as the State of Montana is in on SHUTTING me UP... Read thru this site and see how the State of Montana started to "Help Me" then went Silent ...

Visitor Analysis & System Spec
Referring URL:
Host 7.0
IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:WinXP
Location:Helena, Montana, United StatesResolution:1280x800
Returning Visits:0Javascript:Enabled
Visit Length:2 mins 5 secsISP:State Of Montana

Navigation Path

21 Jun16:36:01
21 Jun16:36:48
21 Jun16:38:06

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy BLOCKED my Defamation Lawsuit and Endangered my Life.

So Why Did My Defamation Lawsuit NOT Prove Who May Death Threat Came from? Well My Attorney Refused to Supeona Google or Yahoo.. and the Lincoln County Sheriff's officer pretty much intimadated her.. and they would not do the EASY 5 minute supeona and Google, Yahoo, Craigslist would not do it with out them.. Also the Horrible hate sites. .the servers could have been shut down if one JUDGE or honest Law Enforcement Called .. but NONE Would.. they want to protect their corruption and My Career, my Quality of life. .my life being in grave Danger Did not Matteer to them..

Lincoln County Attorney Bernie Cassidy BLOCKED my Defamation Lawsuit and Endangered my Life.

Many Craigs List Posts, a Hate Blog a year ago .. Judge Stormy Langston knew of and So did Bernie Cassidy - Well then other blogs.. emails and Sean Started a blog in his own name. .all I have proof of and he Claims . .TELLS my potential clients that I was thrown out of the National Association of Realtors.. this is Proven Defamation.. I lost Millions upon Millions in Listings.. and he still has . .a blog up saying this .. after a year. .And I have Letter from the "Realtor" Director proving I left in Good Standing and Of My own Free Will.. and so.. Defamation.. My Attorney tried to file a Lawsuit with this PROVEN Defamation and Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney BLOCKED it.. as well as he blocked access to the Proof he had on the FACT that Sean Boushie had acces to the email that threatened to kill me.. and ALL related to Silencing Stephen Mock just because he made a Stand for Me and for Paul Stramer..

Here is my Post on defaming ANOTHER site of Sean's

So if your a NON-Corrupt Attorney looking for a BIG Payday and NOT afraid of Montana Corruption.. email me and let's Sue them.. ALL on this Blog Are Liable..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emails from Sean Boushie to a Man in Colorado.

"---Original Message-----
From: Ed, Im back from a hunting trip. Gone again in a few days.

My # is xx I do not try to hide where I am or how to contact
me. simply carry enough artillerary to take care of most situations.

I will be in meetings tomottow from 9 to noon, I can try and call you in betwen.

My guess is she madea deal, for$ found out somethings wanted more $$$,
then decided she would need 10X$$$$$$ to kep her mouth shut.

Shes a worthles psychopathic who belongs in the nuthouse.

I think you are at least the 500th person to contact me, so its all my
fault. shes nutz, flat out nutz.

On 10/26/10, wrote:
> I am in a fairly remote location this week. Cell will not connect
> I see this morning she is ranting about what I said to you yesterday how did
> that happen ? Not the first time she's sent spys after me
> Or devised some fake name and email
> Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Crystal L. Cox []
Sent: Sunday, October 31, 2010 01:44 PM
Subject: Re: Reputation Management


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Death Threat Quick Link - For Full Threat.. email me. .it is VILE and Won't be Posted in Full..

Craig's List Hate - Rage - Defamation and HATE Crime gathering others..

Do I Hate Montana Cops? Do I Fear another Protective Order? Do I Hate Montana Judges?

I have Spoke to Some GOOD Cops in Montana and there are lots of them, thing is the Wall of Corruption is So Massive they CANNOT speak out or they Lose their Jobs and worse the get harassed, threatened - families threatened - set up on bogus criminal charges and get no References in Good Standing to even Move on to another Job.. So the good cops of Montana get run out by the Bad One..

I have no Disrespect or Hate for the Cops, Judges or Law in Montana in anyway.. However the Corruption has to STOP.. the Corrupt Law Enforcement in Montana had ruined my business, my quality of life and more and I did nothing illegal, immorral or wrong in ANY way..

Why Should I, a Law Abiding Citizen, have to FEAR the Cops because they don't like that I know the Truth, or that I am good at Internet marketing and write the Victims Stories... What I do is NOT illegal.. what they do to Silence me IS Illegal...

.. where is the Accountability for the LAW to Obey the LAW???

If good cops try and really investigate and do the JOB your tax dollars pay them to do .. well the Corruption Sets Them up and ruins their life .. Believe Me Many GOOD Cops Try.. I have spoke with alot of them in Montana and NO I will NEVER tell you who they ARE..

They are forced to choose the quality of life of themselves and their family over defending the law, the truth or total strangers.. just the way it is..

The news that most of the Public believes, well they WRITE the Lie .. because it Pays Better and  the Good Cops get defamed.. as the Public looks down on them and believes the Local News that the CORRUPTION has bought and paid for..

so With Corrupt Money. .
and the Newspaper Lying About Crimes.. well
the Lie BECOMES the TRUTH..
.. and the Good Cops.. Good Judges get caught up
as Collateral Damage in a War they had no part in creating..

So NO,
I .. In NO way HATE or Disrespect Officers of the Law.
Especially if they are a Part of Oath Keepers where they ACTUALLY
PROMISE on TOP of PROMISE to Not Violate Citizens Right and to
REALLY uphold the Laws and the Constitution..

Nor do I Disrespect Law Abiding Judges in Montana...

So Do I Stand in Fear of the Corrupt Judge Stormy Langston, Corrupt Judge Robin Clute or any OTHER Corrupt Judge in Montana Giving me a Protective Order to Silence me for another Year or a Lifetime ???

Well NOPE.. Been There Done That. .a Year of Total HELL..
Not Going to DO that AGAIN.. No Way !!

So Corrupt Montana Law Enforcement.. Jail me if you Must.. Put me in Your Blogger Jail. .you have taken my Life as I knew it, taken my Money, my business, my home.. and well what else can you take?

Threaten to Kill me or have your Golden Boy do it.. whatever.. None of that will Change the TRUTH.. and If you put another Protective Order on me I WILL STILL TELL THE TRUTH and WHEN you Jail me, many others will STAND for ME this TIME..

and this Shit Storm - YOU Created -  is NEVER going to STOP as this Lighthouse is Standing Strong in your Corruption Storm.  And if you Fake, Forge, Make UP or Set up your Trumped up PHONEY charges just to Scare me into STOPPING giving voice to victims.. well I will get a Public Defender and I will turn up even more dirt.. Proof... Facts and Secrets on YOU...

SO Judge Langston, Judge Clute, Attorney Cassidy, Sheriff Anderson, Roby Bowe, George Corn, Sheriff Hoffman, and All on my blog at  how far are you willing to go to Fake a Case against me.. when I am telling the TRUTH.. how far will you continue to Go to Protect Corruption and Make me, the Truth Teller, Pay for their Crimes ?

Well I will Go as Far as you Like.. .. I'm Game
I have BROKE NO Laws.. and
I am Certainly on the Right Side of
the Moral Compass..
so throw as many Protective Orders at me as ya like..

OR better yet sue me for Defamation.. I Ain't Got NO MONEY.. you DONE took all that.. So what next.. Trumped up Criminal Charges. .get me in YOUR Montana Jail Cell and Fake my SUICIDE.. which for the RECORD I would NEVER EVER Kill myself period and especially in a Montana Jail Cell.. So better try something Else..

So in Conclusion, I have the Greatest Respect for Montana Sheriffs - Judges - Detectives - Cops - Mayors and Commissioners WHO obey the law, tell the Truth, and obey the constitution.. and DO no Harm.

I am not against the Government nor the Law in any way.. I am for the Law to be Fair, NOT Cruel - for the Justice system to be JUST and not a "Pay to Play" system as in the Montana Judicial Process.  I am for the Federal Government to not be taken advantage of by corruption, favortism and nepotism in local government.. I am for the Judges who Face that Corruption Every Day and Try and Do the Right Thing.. I am for Those Cops under MAJOR duress every day from those within their own County, City - Police Force when all they want to Do is Protect and Serve..

I am For YOU.. the Citizens - the We the People..
the Truth - not the LIE..
the Victim.. NOT the Criminal..

Una Stamus...

My Stalker Sean Boushie Subscribes to ALL my YouTube Channels and Posts Hate, Gets Constant Updates On My Activity.

For a Year Now Montana Corrupt Judges, Investigators, Detective, and Corrupt County Attorney Bernie Cassidy of Lincoln County have denied my basic rights, denied me safety and have aiding in defaming me and endangering my life. I have a VERY good Case if you know of an ATTORNEY not afraid of Corrupt Courts in Montana that Wants to Make BIG Money from Several Counties Insurances, Private Property and well.. ALL on this blog who have I have Proven have Endangered my Life and Defamed me..

That being Said this Post is about the fact that Sean Boushie said he was NOT my Stalker though He watched ALL my blogs from work at the University of Montana and Though Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney had proof he was my Death Threat Stalker.. well part of the Massive Proof on this Blog with several yahoo and GMail accounts - YouTube accounts, blogger accounts and TONS more PROOF.. for any County Attorney, Cop, Detective or JP in Montana with a Brain to LOOK INTO...

Well One of the many things Sean Boushie did over the Last YEAR to attack, harass and defame ME protected by Judge Robin Clute - Corrupt Justice of the Peace in Hamilton Montana.. was to Subscribe to All my YouTube Channels in his Name so that I could see he was watching and this way my health business, real estate and news marketing business would be under constant STRAIN and harassment with the Supervision of Sean Boushie paid by the University of Montana to Stalk, Harass and Defame Me. 

I could not make a move in ALL my online business or my LIFE without Sean Boushie - University of Montana protected by Hamilton Justice of the Peace - Judge Robin Clute Commenting, Harassing, Watching my Every move - emailing clients. .and people i wrote on.. Sean Defamed me OVER and over and will lose his Real Estate .. as Will all on this Blog.. as Proving Defamation.. I did that the First Week - though Bernie Cassidy Denied me Due Process for that Defamation Lawsuit against Sean to Take His Property.. and I will.. as my Career is Worth Millions . A YEAR..

I Proved he had a blog that Claimed I was FIRED, thrown out from the Association of Realtors - I got a statement from the NMAR Director that said I quit and was in good standing.. that was proof enough for a major defamation lawsuit against Sean Boushie.

Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney Interfered with this and Now Bernie Cassidy will USE your Tax Dollars Paying me in a Massive Defamation Lawsuit, and Endangered my Life as Well as having to Leave my home, my business for Fear of my life.. and could not do business ONLINE as the Man Bernie Cassidy - Lincoln County Attorney and Judge Robin Clute Ravalli County Justice of the Peace PROTECTED.. well he kept me under constant attack, duress and defamation for OVER a YEAR now. .and Still Going..

This Lawsuit will Cover several Counties, Individuals, Judges and More and It will provide proof that many others need for a Massive Class Action Lawsuit against all at my blog  - YEP taxpayers.. THEY do the CRIME and You Pay the PRICE - AGAIN !!!

Yes Prezeau and Anderson RETIRED or not you will face Criminal Charges over this, a RICO Complaint, a Federal Hate Crime Charge, and a Major Defamation Lawsuit.  I mean Come on Daryl Anderson and Michael Prezeau YOU did not think you could cause so much PAIN, Suffering.. and Break the Law for So VERY long and then RETIRE with your CORRUPTION Money and have a Peaceful life.. ??? Why are people like me Collateral damage in your Living the High Life and Sucking Up Corruption Money.. ?? I Did not break the law, I had a successful real estate brokerage for over a decade, I was a "Good Girl" and you Set Me up, made MY PEOPLE believe the Bad Person, the Lawbreaker.. the Liar and I WAS telling the TRUTH the WHOLE time.. WHY? 

I WILL NOT Be YOUR Collateral Damage.. NO Way !!!

Anyway.. Information On the YouTube Channels is What this POST is About:

So here is Some Hate from Sean Boushie..

Take Note:  I had printed the Details of a vile hateful, threatening blog that Sean Boushie had on Me and Paul Stramer - I gave this information to Stormy Langston and though it was Threatening to Paul Stramer and to Me - Stormy Langston still gave Sean Boushie a Protective Order against Paul Stramer.  See Super Investigator - Fact Checking Judge Stormy Langston asked Death Threat, Hateful Stalker Sean Boushie if he owned the Blog and well NOPE .. he says. .I don't do nothing on the Internet (though he had tons of stuff online about guns and ammo at the time - i proved that too - Stormy Langston ignored it)

May as WELL email me your Story Judge Stormy Langston, Cuz Anderson and Cassidy won't protect you.. and I know they made you SET up Paul Stramer.. I saw in your eyes that you felt for me and could do nothing for some reason.. SO Time To Spill ON them Stormy.. CuZ this Shit Storm is NOT Ever Ending.. they RUINED my Life, took my Livelihood, Ran me from My Home Town - my Home State .. they Set Me up.. Endangered my Life and WELL the TRUTH will Roll .. and Roll and ROLL for the Next 30 years at least.. And wait till they hear what Bill Douglas told me..

So HONORABLE Judge Stormy Langston - Better TELL the Truth - the WHOLE Truth and NOTHING but as . .WELL they will Throw you Under this Bus and if you Do have Honor Well Time to Prove it and TELL on Bernie Cassidy, Marianne Roose, Roby Bowe and Sheriff Anderson.. ????

ok So the point on this post is after Stormy Langston asked Sean Boushie if he owned the BLOG and he Said NOPE.. well then he Deleted it. .ALL easily proven.. the one draw back is you would have to Have a Brain.. and WELL no one on this case did EXPECT ME - the Victim and I was SILENCED..

Ok So I backed it UP, printed it, saved it Digitally BEFORE he Deleted it and as this information below rolls out some may go away.. don't worry FOR my GOOD Civil Rights Attorney - I have it ALL backed UP.  And even if YOU Kill ME.. as Threatened.. well this Story will STILL roll out, Turns out there are many others that you have harmed, lied about and set up and they will continue this story.. so you may as Well Stand uP and tell the Truth now and Join MY - Come to Jesus Party for the CORRUPTION in the State of Montana..

Ok the YouTube Data for Investigators with a Brain..
i received many hateful comments from Sean owner of this account..

As Soon as this BLOG went UP Sean Removed Himself from the Sites in this Link.  I Have Emails from YouTube on his Membership, I have Hard Copies and Videos of the Screen.. Sean Is trying to Hide his Horrible, Defaming, Hateful, Stalking Actions .. however ANY investigator with a Brain or a Desire to do the Right Thing can look into any of Craigs List Posts, Blogs, Gmail or Yahoo accounts and prove that Sean Boushie has been attacking me for a YEAR .. after the August 6th 2009 Death Threat and was protected by Bernie Cassidy Lincoln County Attorney and a Corrupt - NOT based in Law Protective Order Given by  Judge Robin Clute sevaral counties away in Ravalli County Montana.

Here is the Link to Sites he subscribed to. .YouTube - Google can prove that this subscription dropped within the last week.. He subscribed by name just to taunt me..

I have Mass Amounts of back up . .of a Years worth of Torture, all to protect corruption in the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office and the Ravalli County Judicial System..

I need a Civil Rights Attorney
NOT afraid of Corrupt Montana Courts.

I have over a years Proof of Corruption, Defamation, Hate Crimes against 4 MT Counties, the State of Montana, Several Law Enforcement Units, the Town of Eureka, City of Missoula and ALL named on this Blog are Liable.

Email me at
and Represent me in
a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit.

People Make a Living on the Internet. Haters Network to Do Real Harm on the Internet and to Get together to do Physical Harm. Montana Law Enforcement Does NOT understand the Power of the Internet.

If Montana Judges and Law Enforcement TRULY do NOT understand the Internet, Can't Read Web Stats, Track an IP or Get How to Track Down Cyber Crimes then Montana Needs to HIRE people in Every County that Can do that... Peoples Lives, Real Estate, Business, Reputation and Quality of Life is At Stake...

What is Montana Law Enforcment Waiting FOR ???